Dear reader of the web and consumer of Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Olicastelló (now hereinafter OOVE), we want to present you in our Health and Wellness Channel, where you will find a lot of information, articles, studies of great interest, to enhance and increase your health and well-being.

Knowledge, information and learning, gives you the freedom to choose and decide, the bases of the roadmap of your well-being, of your happiness. When we talk about health and well-being, we refer to obtaining a balanced state at a physical, psychic-mental and emotional level, without this balance a Full Life will not be possible, which is the objective and goal to feel fulfilled, enjoy life and our environment (family, society and nature).

Our goal is to help you and accompany you , on this long road to your happiness, to live life, and contribute your grain of sand to society and in the world.

After this brief introduction, we present the different sections and contents of the health and wellness channel. We have divided the channel, into different sections , to have adequate knowledge towards the world of health, beyond basic and traditional knowledge, and with a global, complete, comprehensive and holistic vision of integrative health, where each integrating element has its function and purpose, to cure, reestablish and maintain health, naturally, biological and minimally invasive, respecting the laws and functions of your body, that is, acting in coherence, respect and effectiveness. A body in balance, performs its functions naturally and efficiently. It is when it is threatened by external agents (toxic, contaminants, pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi)), its ability to react may be limited, and it may need external help such as healing, healing and prevention, which is given by our actions (analysis, diagnosis, therapy, treatment ...).

This channel is not and does not pretend to be a medical office or replace any treatment, but a powerful source of information, which will serve as an instrument to decide what best suits you and needs your body, to rebalance it naturally and effectively, and always with the help, advice and supervision of professionals in health issues. We hope it will be of interest to you, and you will read and follow us, periodically.

See you soon...